2012 Product Line Up

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All Just Wing'it products are made with all natural ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, and internationally when not.

I am proud that all of Just Wing'it products contain no artificial flavors, additives, preservatives or thickening agents, resulting in rich and intense sauces and dressings which add depth to the dishes you prepare.

Check out the recipe page for ideas on how to use Just wing'it products in ways you might not have thought possible!

Just Wing'it products retail in store for approx. $7.95


Currently there are six Just Wing'it products, and one accessory.

Just Wing'it, our gourmet cooking sauce

Just Un'dressing, our gourmet salad dressing

Just Smokin', our gourmet barbeque sauce

Just Stick'it, our luxury cocktail sticks

Just on the side, our Red Onion Marmalade

Just Grillin' our Maple Chipotle grilling sauce, made with Beau's all natural Lug tread beer

Just on the side, our Smoked Tomato Jam


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