Tom Riding

For those of you who might be interested, I will tell you a little about myself, my family and my background.

I was born on February 7th 1975 and raised in the North East of England. At sixteen I moved to Gourock, Scotland with my parents.

View of the Firth of Clyde, from Gourock, Scotland

Here I attended James Watt College in Greenock and took a vocational course in hospitality management and catering. After completing my course I got a job working for the Hilton group, as a waiter (Server) ready to take on the challenges restaurant duties.

Well after three years I took the decision that perhaps my calling was in the kitchen and took transfer, after all the chefs just seemed to sit around and drink tea whenever I arrived for work!

Ahh ignorance is bliss they say, and after 10 hours on my first day I started to wonder what an earth was I thinking? With some perseverance, I kept my head down and worked my way up to chef de partie, and moved to the Highlands of Scotland to work under a very influential Swiss Chef Rolf Ruteurmann.

After a year in the Hilton Aviemore, I moved to Muckrach Lodge Hotel in Dulnain Bridge, in the heart of the Highlands and the middle of Whisky Heaven! Here I was able to hone my skills with the freedom from large scale companies. It was also while working at Muckrach I met Deborah, my wife.

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