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Not up on your Scottish history? My Farther in law Ken takes Just Wing'it around Scotland on the back of his Honda (so to speak!!)

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Ruthven barracks

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This is Ruthven barracks built in 1718.

Built for English troops to control the highlands after the 1715 rebellion, but in 1746 after the battle of Culloden it fell to the highlanders who blew it up to stop the English using again!!




Culloden Battlefield

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No place name in our history stirs the emotions more than does Culloden. Fought on 16th April 1746,it was the last great battle on British soil.

It was the last of the highlander’s uprisings, It has an element of romantic fiction, all the appeal of a lost cause, it has a hero Prince Charles Edward Stuart the (Bonnie Prince Charlie,) of song and story.

A villain the brutal Duke of Cumberland, of whom no one sings.

The battle on Drumossie more (Culloden ) was the last of the Jacobites uprisings from 1715, 1719, 1745. On that day the Jacobites were outnumbered 5,000 against Cumberland’s 9,000 ill equipped their artillery poor, exhausted from marching all night.

They were badly led, being required to fight on ground that suited Cumberland cannon and cavalry.

The battle lasted less than an hour, its aftermath was to affect the future of the highlands.

What little remained of the highland army withdrew to Ruthen in Badenoch. The next day

More bad news a message from Bonnie Prince Charlie, that each man should save him self as best he could.

After Culloden the playing of bagpipes and wearing Highland dress were forbidden.

More adventures to come with Just wing it.





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