Grilled chicken on Bosc Pear and Pecan Salad

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chicken-bosc-peacan-saladServes 4

This is a dish we served every summer at Sam Jakes Inn. Try with a glass of chilled white wine or a lager beer.

4 Free range chicken breasts grilled

200g mixed washed salad leafs (I like frisee, Lollo Rosso and lambs leaf)

2 Bosc pears washed , cored and thinly sliced

50g toasted pecans Get the full recipe...


Warm Potato and Green Onion Salad

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More of an idea/technique than a recipe, but it does make a nice change form the mayo laden potatoes salads we all know.

Start by using local new potatoes when ever possible, they will be much more fresher, and will actually taste of potato! If they are too big to eat whole, then cut them to size you prefer. Cook in slightly salted water, from cold (Very important so the potatoes don't over cook on the outside and raw in the middle. A general kitchen rule is if it grows underground cook it starting in cold water, if it grows above ground cook it in boiling water!)

Drain from the cooking water once cooked and allow to cool ever so slightly.

Pour enough Just Un'dressing over the potatoes and season with sea salt and black pepper. allow to cool and add finely chopped green onions.

Goes very well with poached salmon as a light summer dinner


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