Just Grillin' Pork Kebabs

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Serves 4

2 Pork Tenderloins cut into chunks

2 Peppers

1 Red onion

16  Mushrooms

16 cherry tomatoes


Cut the pork tenderloins into bite sized pieces and marinate with a dash of oil and a tablespoon of Just Smokin'  Allow to marinate for at least 20 minutes.  Cut the peppers and onions into good sized chunks and now your ready to go.  With a soaked bamboo skewer or metal one, start with a chunk of the meat, then alternate with the vegetables, so pork/pepper/pork/onion/pork/mushroom and so on.  Use up all the meat and vegetables.  Now cook a batch of your favorite rice, and while its cooking cook the pork kebabs on the grill.  Once 80% cooked, reduce the heat to low and start to brush with the Just Grill'in.  Coat and then turn.  continue to do this until the meat is fully cooked.  Serve the kebabs on the bed of rice and drizzle with some extra sauce.


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